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Amber Barrett

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Welcome! I am Amber! I am so glad you're here.

Hello! I am Amber! I am wife to Caleb and mom to Brady and Presley. I became a Noonday Ambassador in 2015 after a returning home from a trip to South East Asia. On that trip I had the honor of witnessing the impact ethical, long term, and sustainable work was making in the developing world. I returned home eager to share stories and products that can actually change lives around the world. My job with Noonday is the most fulfilling and fun job I have ever had, including everything from the products, the partnerships, the opportunities to travel, and the friends I have made with fellow ambassadors and artisan partners, as well as hostesses and customers. I am so glad you are here and would love to share the impact of Noonday with you through your purchasing power, hosting, or becoming an ambassador yourself. Together we can make a beautiful impact.

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